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DWHL Collection Listed on Both Markets

DWHL collection


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Why choose us?


A collection of 1476 unique Node whales and 470 Doge Whales built to go beyond the digital space, landing into Dogiverse


The DWHL's collection includes dozens of rare costumes ands colorways of artist's.


Amazing design resources made with care for each pixel. NFTs and game resources.


Be part of a community Buy a Doge Whale to be a Crypto Whale.


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Creative artists


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How it works!


Setup and connect your wallet.

Use Doge Lab Wallet, or other DRC20 wallet to connect to doge chain the app.

Here is the Guide to Install Doge Lab Wallet .


How To Mint Doginals NFT

After Srtup Wallet , You can easily Buy /Mint and sell Doginals Inscriptions and DRC20 Tokens.

Here is the Guide how you can Buy DRC20 tokens and Doginals.


Choose a platform to sell your NFT

Earn Doge Coin for all your NFTs and DRC20 Tokens that you sell on any marketplace.

Here is the Guide How to sell DRC20 Tokens!

DWHL Roadmap

Phase 01


Quality comes first. we took our time to plan out everything and build our production pipeline for a good quality artworks.

  • Release X and DWHL logo
  • Grow community
  • Launch the project
Phase 02


We Launched Our 470 Doge whales , Doginals Collection on Doge Lab Mint pad , we was the 2nd collection which 100% Sold out

  • Release 470 Doge Whales
  • Minting 100% Sold Out
  • Listed on Secondary Market
Phase 03

Launch DRC20 DWHL

We Launched a 100% Community Based DRC20 TOKEN $DWHL , Made airdrop to all user who minted Doge Whales

  • Deploy DWHL tokens
  • Minted 10 M $DWHL Tokens
  • Airdrop to All Doge whales Holders
Phase 04

Minting Node Whales

A 1476 Unique Node wahles Collection Inscribed on Doge chain. 50% Sold out in pre sale 470 Node whales airdropped 500 Node whales will be available for Public sale

  • Inscribed Node whales
  • 50% Pre sale sold out
  • 50% Public sale
Phase 05

Website Launch

We are Going to Launch our platform , where user can stake Doge , Node Whales and Eran rewards in DRC20 tokens

  • Domain Purchased
  • Hosting Purchased
  • Website Building in progress
Phase 06

Metaverse MMORPG

Quality comes first. we took our time to plan out everything and build our production pipeline for a good quality artworks.

  • Basic Doginals Characters Launched
  • Grow community
  • Partnerships in progress

Meet DWHL Team



Mr Haung

Senior developer

Mr Chris

front-end developer

Mr Cool


Your questions, answered!

Doge Whales are a collection of 470 whales on the doginal protocol. The initial mint price was 74 DOGE per Doge Whale.

Collection on mint pad which 100% sold out , and it takes lees than 12 Hours.

Dogecoin Ordinals, or 'Doginals', are a brand new functionality and utility for Dogecoin.They enable projects and users to write (‘inscribe’) information stored on the smallest individual units of a Dogecoin ('shibes').

Similar to how Ordinals inscribe information onto the smallest units of Bitcoin, Doginals inscribe information onto the smallest units of Dogecoin.

Ordinals are a numbering scheme for Dogecoin shibes (the smallest units of DOGE). They enable us to track and transfer individual shibes across different wallets. Each shibe is assigned a number in the order in which they're mined, and are transferred from "transaction inputs" to "transaction outputs" in a first-in-first-out basis. They're called "ordinals" because both the number and the transfer schemes each rely on their respective order. Numbering is based on the order in which shibes are mined, and transfers are based on the order of the transaction inputs and outputs.

You Buy sell Doginals and DRC20 on and

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